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1 Peter 4:10
God has given gifts to each of you from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Manage them well so that God's generosity can flow through you.

Please take a moment to look over the positions and descriptions at the bottom of this page. If you see a position where you feel we can use your talents please fill out the volunteer form. Please keep in mind first-time volunteers may be subject to a background check.

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Group Leader

A good position for responsible teens and adults. Group Leaders team up with assistant group leaders to manage a team of students. Leads children to each Station and assists Station Leaders in daily activities. Assistant Group leaders must have completed their 1st year of middle school.

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Craft Leader (Station Leader)

Manages the Craft Center on a daily basis. Builds sample crafts. Explains and supervises the crafts as each group of students visits the Craft Center. Assists the VBS Director in selecting crafts. All supplies are organized and collected by the Craft Leader; may recruit helpers.

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Recreation/Bible Game Leader (Station Leader)

Manages the Games Center on a daily basis. Leads students in playing the games. Uses suggested conversation to help students review each day’s Bible story and/or Bible memory verse and apply them to their lives; may recruit helpers.

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Music Leader (Station Leader)

Manages the Music Center on a daily basis. Leads students in learning VBS songs along with hand motions. Directs activities in the Music Center and leads or assists in leading singing during assemblies. Prepares children to present music during the closing program; may recruit helpers.

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Snack Leader (Station Leader)

Manages the Snack Center on a daily basis. Builds sample snacks. Explains and supervises the snack as each group of students visits the Snack Center; may recruit helpers.

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Catholic Theme Center Leader (Station Leader)

Manages the Theme Center on a daily basis. Leads activities as each group of students visits the Theme Center. Uses suggested conversation to link students’ activities to their everyday lives; may recruit helpers.

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Bible Story Leader (Station Leader)

Manages the Bible Story Center on a daily basis. Teaches the Bible story and leads the life-application time as each group of students visits the Bible Story Center; may recruit helpers

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Assembly Leader

Leads large-group assemblies (Opening Assembly, Closing Assembly, Closing Program). This job is often performed by the VBS Director or Skit Leader.

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Nursery Care Leader

Recruits additional Nursery Care helpers to assist in managing a group of babies and toddlers. The children are typically those of volunteers helping with VBS.

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Decorating Coordinator

Plans and supervises decorating; recruits volunteers to help with decorating as needed.

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Publicity Coordinator

Plans and carries out publicity to both church and community.

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Volunteer Snack Coordinator

Chooses snacks, gathers ingredients, recruits helpers for the preparation of daily snacks for the volunteers. Makes a list of what is needed for donations.

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Photo and Video Specialist

Captures photo and video of children during daily activities. Provides photos on a daily basis to VBS Administrator to be uploaded to VBS web site.

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Prepare Craft Kits

Typically works at home with instructions from the Craft Leader. Performs various tasks to ensure craft items are prepared and ready before VBS.

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Computer, Lighting and Sound Technician

Manages a central console which controls the computer, lights and sound during the morning skits each day.

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Create Set Decorations

Works with the Decorating Coordinator on predetermined work days. Consists of painting and building various props for VBS.

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Set Building Crew

Works with the Decorating Coordinator on predetermined work days. Some light construction and organizing various stages and rooms.

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Tear Down Crew

Works with VBS Director on a predetermined work day, typically the Sunday immediately after the final week of VBS. Helps clear out all VBS areas. General manual labor.

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Youth Coordinator

Enlists, trains and supervises middle school and high school youth serving as Group Leaders and helpers in VBS.

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